Process your statement of offence with ease

With eRADA, begin disputing a ticket, upload evidence, reach a settlement agreement, request disclosure of evidence or even request a trial date, from the comfort of your electronic device.
What can I do with eRADA?

Pay your fines without worry

Avoid costly late fees by paying your fines with ease and on time.

Contest a ticket

Submit your plea of non-guilty, upload evidence and obtain a trial date.

Settle online

Negociate a settlement with the city when the option is available to you.

Simplifying exchanges

The eRADA platforme facilitates opem dialogue between the citizen and the administration. Citizens can look up crucial legal information to evaluate the relevance of their dispute and have access to the necessary tools to assert their rights should they need to. The efficiency of the process is the foundation of a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding!

Releiving court backlog

A courtroom trial is often the first time a citizen is able to assert his right to be heard. More often than not, his case could be settled by an administrative decision-maker before even getting to court, by either acquitting him, proposing a settlement or explaining why his case has no basis in law. Courts are now free to dedicate their time to complex questions and matters of public interest.

Planification urbaine

No need to wait for a citizen to complain about it in court: receiving alerts for missing or contradictory signage has never been easier. The city is notified almost immediately and can take action to rectify the situation by cancelling any unduly written tickets, but most of all by correcting the root of such errors. Open channels of communication allow for quick reaction and improved urban living for all.

The problem

A tedious process is a frustrating process

Citizens wishing to dispute the validity of a ticket are able to provide a written statement to the court explaining why the case has no merit and should not move forward to trial in front of a judge. This procedure is particularly useful for certain types of cases, for instance when the citizen has a receipt from the parking meter indicating that payment was made while the ticket was issued.

The problem with the current state of affairs is that this procedure is only useful for those who are 100% assured to be acquitted. But even in those cases, it is possible that the citizen be reluctant to fill in the plea form with such explanations. Should they decide to go through with it, providing photo evidence remains difficult while audio and video remain an impossibility. On the flip-side, it is also impossible for the City to explain to a citizen why their challenge in court is likely to fail.

In light of low success rates and the impracticality of communicating a full defence, citizens prefer not to reveal their defence strategy before having their day in court, forsaking the administrative review process altogether.

The solution

eRADA, a tool for conflict resolution

eRADA facilitates dialogue between the administration and citizens. The explanations accompanying the citizen’s plea of non-guilty can now include the necessary evidence for him to present a full defence, allowing in turn the administration to take a swift decision.

eRADA enables adjudication while avoiding undue stress during a 6 to 12 month to obtain a decision. Better yet, it helps preemptively identify the weaknesses of a case unbeknownst to the average citizen, avoiding a courtroom hearing altogether. Even for those whose case remains uncertain, eRADA allows to safeguard evidence and provide explanations in the heat of the moment, instead of having to rely on fading memories months later.

Finally, eRADA allows to alleviate court backlog by filtering cases where it is clear that there will be acquittal or conviction. It also allows for a better evidence to be put forward, without worrying about losing a parking ticket or forgetting part of the story. But first and foremost, it saves citizens the dreaded trouble of having to go to court get justice.

The eRADA Process
Look up a ticket
Use your ticket number and your driver’s license number to help us locate it. The system will also display any other tickets associated with your driver’s license. To look up a statement that is being processed, you will also need to enter the email address associated to your case file.
Pay a fine or dispute a ticket
If you agree with the issued ticket, simply pay it online. Otherwise, eRADA allows you to dispute the ticket. The city will process your file as soon as possible and may decide to withdraw the charge. In that case, you're acquitted: congratulations!
Build your case
Choose a reason for which you wish to dispute your ticket among a list of valid motives. Provide any necessary explanations with the help of a virtual drafting assistant. Upload relevant proof elements in photo, video or audio format.
Receive the city's decision after it processes your file
You can choose to accept the city’s proposal or request a trial date to plead your case in front of a municipal court judge. In this case, eRada allows you to plan your trial date ahead of time and will automatically transfer your information to the court.
eRADA's features

Tooltips about rights and obligations

Uploading text, image, video and audio documents

MSecure instant message exchanges

Case file management system

Payment system

Electronic signature

Trial date scheduler

eFiling et indexing

24/7 access, through desktop and mobile devices

Everything on a single Web platform

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eRADA is a Cyberjustice Laboratory application

eRADA is the result of combined efforts of researchers at the Université de Montréal's Cyberjustice Laboratory.

Created in 2010 by professors Karim Benyekhlef of the Université de Montréal and Fabien Gélinas of the McGill University, the Cyberjustice Laboratory is a hub for thought and creativity, where judicial processes are modelled and re-imagined.

The Laboratory's approach
Use only the functions you need

eRada is built on the Cyberjustice Core Services, an architecture of trusted modules carefully built for dispute resolution. We can then test, adjust, and deploy your application module by module, at a pace your users can comfortably work with.

It’s your software, make it yours.

Our talented team will collaborate with you at every step of the implementation. The design process begins and ends with your needs. Once we have tailored a solution that best suits your purposes, sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

For the public, by the public.

Our application are designed in open-source code, allowing them to be tweaked to your willing. Public also refers to the Cyberjustice Laboratory, a publicly funded academic institution, working to develop software solutions to improve access to justice, one case at a time.

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